hi i'm berry i'm a 16 year old trans boy :) my pronouns i'm white autistic adhd anxietyfind me twitter pinterest questions


i try my best to credit the right people but please lmk if i've credited the wrong person or didn't credit anyone at all.


i'd appreciate if you'd follow me! ask me via dms to req.instructions on what to do: 1. tell me what color scheme you want and preferably also send a reference pic of a carrd
2. send me your email address you used to login to carrd (so i can send a transfer request when it's done) (if you don't have a carrd account, make one first) 3. wait for me to get it done (usually in 1-3 days but it depends a lot on my schedule, be patient)

.don't req.

if u're gonna remove my credits. are racist, homo- or transphobic etc.please don't pressure me to make a carrd if i've declined ur req or u fit into the citeria above.


making tuts on my carrds is ok only if you're crediting me and have asked me if i allow tuts on that specific carrd. (if i have credited someone else than myself for the carrd then i don't know for sure if tuts are allowed)


it depends on the carrd but u can check the ones in my carrd archivemy carrds are either non pro or pro plus (i don't make pro lite or standard carrds.) don't give out copies of my carrds. i make carrds for free but please don't ask me to make a pro carrd for you.